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Is The PS4 Pro A SUCCESS?! And The Impact On PlayStation 5 (PS5) – Everything PlayStation Podcast 5


Is the PS4 Pro a success. Let’s discuss the future of PlayStation With PS5 – PS4 Pro Review – Everything PlayStation Podcast 5
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Is The PS4 Pro A SUCCESS?! And The Impact On PlayStation 5 (PS5) - Everything PlayStation Podcast 5


  1. Death Stranding will launch on Q4 2018, not 2020.

    Confirmed by internal sources at Kojima Productions who were right with certain things in the past like a trailer at PSX showcasing the final engine.

  2. Hopefully for the PS5 Sony focuses on 60fps for all games, faster CPU, better performance, and try to not lose to Microsoft's new gen console.

  3. i've been using an xbox one for the past 3 years. im about to get the ps4 pro this upcoming holiday. hope im not too late

  4. I bought one but that's just because I didn't have a ps4 before so I just jumped into this console gen on the more powerful ps4 pro.

  5. How to get the carja mighty bow and banuk bow and their outfits joraptor I saw this item that you have them ho to get them plz tell because I dont have them and I finished the new game+ with ultra hard plz tell me

  6. I'd say the best thing to do is get Xbox One X for multiplats/Xbox exclusives and Ps4 Pro just for exclusives! That's what my gaming setup will be soon, right now I have the S and the Pro, with a 65" Samsung 4k TV. Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted looks glorious on It! 🙂

  7. Will the DLCs for Just Cause 3 be in the PS+ because I have the game, but I don't really care enough to buy them.

  8. So, about the PS4/PS4Pro to PS5 transition – Unlike the change from PS3 to PS4 (in which the core archetecture changed from sony's own archaeic hardware/software, into something which is essentially a PC), the next jump will be far more like-for-like. Meaning, the PS5 could kind of be looked at as a PS4ProPro,Pro. There's a chance that at the start of the PS5 cycle, PS4Pro & PS5 games will be one-and-the-same, similar to how PS4 & PS4Pro games are now. Further into the PS5 cycle, the PS5Pro+X will come out and PS4Pro will be phased out.

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