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New PS4 Slim / Pro Controller Comparison & Dissection


New PS4 Slim / Pro Controller Comparison & Dissection


  1. Why are some people complaining about the battery life if you didn't know if the controller is plugged in it will have ho Bluetooth lag

  2. This is like a tiny step better than the original dual shock 4 because of the textured grip. NO FINGERPRINTS!!!! Xbox one s did the same thing. I hate fingerprints and I like lighter controllers. The only thing is that they should of left their face buttons glossy for fingertip grip purposes.

    Also, I can confirm that the triggers don't decrease in tension after several months of use. The original dual shock 4's trigger would gradually be less and less responsive and would lose tension after several months of playing. Sony knew this and they made sure this controller would have a longer life. I would notice my original ps4 dual shock 4 controller's right trigger would lose the spring-like tension and would become "loose" after 8 months and it got to the point where after 10 months, the controller would be completely useless. I played even more games than usual these past several months (especially first person shooters) and after a little over 8 months, the controller is still like the day I got it.

    Plus the battery has longer life now.

  3. Question. On the new PS DAULSHOCK 4 controller, does it have the colour green for ''user3'' or "player 3"? Like the first design does
    Or was it replaced with orange

  4. a bro the v2 controller works on androids press share and the home button and let ur device pair it cuz it worked for my galaxy mega and grand prime

  5. people are concerned about the new lightbar but compared to their gleaming +50" TV it makes no impact towards your eyes really.

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