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Unreal Tournament 3 Review


Unreal Tournament 3 Review


  1. Good review man! You can also download mutators for this game! Now playing UT4 but i still love UT3.My favorite UT3!

  2. is that Dom Santiago? like literally the same character from gear of war?! or am i sitting too far from the tv?

  3. I just play this against bots for a quick fix couple of rounds…. Easily runs at 4k these days and still looks pretty good. The mechanics of this game are amazing. You can just zone out and play without the experience being ruined by sluggish or crappy mechanics. Got this for less than $10 on Steam – bargain.

  4. Just out of curiosity why do some players seem to be so good they appear oh lighting gun insta kill dead 2 seconds later insta kill dead insta kill dead respawn insta kill dead shock combo dead shock combo dead 100% accuracy dead shock combo dead shock combo dead 100% accuracy dead insta kill dead insta kill dead respawn insta kill dead!!!

  5. If you still play this… I love you. I have a picky choice in games and this one is in it… I love it so much and I won't stop playing it

  6. Too bad it isn't really a tournament, Gears of Tournament 3: Brown Edition is shit compared to UT99 and 2k4. (Seriously, what the fuck did they do to the Enforcer? Even the 2k4 assault rifle was better)

  7. Zealous, get google plus so I can tell you how retarded you are. Learn what a SQEUAL is. It's call of duty, they arent going to add in fucking revolutionary stuff every year nor are they going to add fucking platform puzzles. Its a shooter. You can only do so much with a fucking shooter.

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