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is the ps vita out? if not when is the official release date?


i would like to buy one but i want to know when its coming? also , what games are coming out around the release date?

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  1. its out in japan but theres other reigions like america eu where it isnt its coming out in about feb so just check ur satores itll probably be out in february u can preorder now.also if u have a psp and u purchased gam,es from playstation store then u can download it for free onto ur ps vita by sighing in.also its gonna be about £200 last time i checked on amazon could be a bit cheaper by game its touch screen yh and it doesnt take umd discs now cuz the noise.oh and to let u no u have a choice of a wifi model onloy or a wifi+3g model which is more expensive but not that much

  2. it released 2 weeks ago in japan and hong-kong regions and is sold out there already

    north american and e.u. regions get it feb. 22 but all pre-orders are sold out so you might not get one until april or may if you haven’t ordered yours yet

    24 games are confirmed for release date , look on the playstation website for a list ( go to the ps blog and search ps vita )

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